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love's gonna get you down
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he dies at the end

( the perfect halo of gold hair and lightning )

x-posted from my journal, apologies for any doubles! Happy 8/13, everyone! ♥♥♥
8th-Jun-2009 11:10 pm - moved: Headphones @ DW
For those of you following along at home, I've moved over to Dreamwidth (you can find me here), and so has my music. The great thing about Dreamwidth is that you can use your livejournal account there, so feel free to head over to ฌHeadphones and join! From what I understand it's as simple as logging in via openID.

I'll try and keep you guys updated when a new post is made, but I dont want to flood too many people's flists. If you guys would prefer me to x-post entries to this community, or would rather me not update here because you have a DW account as well and will be fine getting the updates there, drop me a line here and let me know! That way I can keep you guys happy \o\

The current offerings at Headphones are Anna Tsuchiya's "Nudy Show" album, and Pedro the Lion's "The Only Reason I Feel Secure". Head on over and take a look! ♥!
15th-Jun-2008 12:44 am - Rules!
and spend the night just dancing
Figured I should post some, just in case.

1. NO DIRECT LINKING OF MUSIC FILES. Simple enough. This means, you like something you see here and wanna share that with friends? Awesome, link them to the post on the community. But dont go making links on your own site or journal directly to the zip or mp3 file. Got it? Good. Web hosting and bandwidth arent free. ♥

2. ...I dont really have any other rules, uh. XD; ENJOY~!
14th-Jun-2008 05:12 pm - Welcome!
and spend the night just dancing
Welcome to lemondroppop! This is basically a place for me to dump music for anybody who's interested in listening, so if you'd like, join and take a look around! Posts are f-locked, so you do have to join to download. A list of current offerings can be found here!

I hope you enjoy your stay~!

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